Monday, April 12, 2010

Wrong Information to Public - reg Motormen Refuse to wear uniforms, guards follow suit

To,                                                                                                                                                          12/04/2010
The Editor,
Mumbai Mirror
Sub: - News published in your paper.
Dear Sir,
Today we saw a news “Motormen Refuse to wear uniforms, guards follow suit” on page no. 8 of your prestigious news paper. The news is totally baseless and misguiding and the association treats this as another step to defame motormen. The WRMA want to clear the following facts for your kind information and requests to inform to the Mumbai public also –
1.       Since inception of suburban railway in 1928 motormen were never provided any uniform as motorman’s duties are not related with public like other officers and office staff of railways. In Indian railways only the public dealing categories (Guards, Station Masters, and TTEs etc) are using uniforms.
2.       The Guards are employed to provide all possible assistance to the passengers whenever required hence they are provided the uniform since their 1st day of training, uniform help public to access guard on crowded platforms when ever emergency chain is pulling or First Aid required by passengers.
3.       Motormen are treated separately from other drivers for purpose of various rules/ allowance/ non provision of assistant drivers and also the 203 modification in the S.R was also came for suburban section only.
4.       The wearing of uniform by the guards or not, is a matter of their officer who has to ensure that his guards are following rules or not. The motormen or the Western Railway Motormens Association don’t want to involve in this as this is a created episode of their some officers. In General rule 2.10 (a) which stats – “A railway servant shall wear the badge and uniform, if prescribed and be neat and tidy in his appearance while on duty”.
5.       Not wearing uniform is disobeying of the Railway Service conduct rules too, but as it is sponsored by a so called Majdoor neta & supported by their officer hence no action has been initiated by the administration. The WRMA find it very surprising that now the Guards will decide the policies of railways?
6.       Now it’s the time to discuss the role of guards in suburban section, as their presence & acts are endanger to the passengers safety, they give 2 bells to start train on RED signal which may lead to any collision/ accident. Their officers & inspectors are instigating to do such unsafe practices (See Annexure A).
7.       Some of the officers are instigating guards to create dispute as well as to misguide motormen to start train when another train is ahead and signal ahead is Red. This is a clear violation of General Rule 2.11 (1) (a) which stats - “Every Railway servant shall see that every exertion is made for ensuring the safety of the public”.
8.       In case of any upset in train working and train running late the motormen have been targeted not the guards as they escape themselves by saying that GADI TO MOTORMAN CHALATA HAI MAIN KYA KARUN, and motorman faced furious mob, and there are several incidents when motormen could leave the driving cab to save himself just because of NO UNIFORM, hence the association will oppose any dress code to the motormen as railway cannot provide security to the motormen.
9.       All the rules are being framed by the operating department of railways i.e. by The Chief Operating Manager who is the officer of the Guards hence all the General Rules are being manipulated by them in favour of the guards like the SR 4.35 (E) (II)(a) which is in variance of the G.R 4.35 and motormen are representing the same since last 5 years.
At last the association requests you to verify the news before publishing it to public as it may affect the safety of motormen and railways, the association will be very happy to give you the facts. The motormen don’t want to be a part of any conspiracy and expecting that the administration will work as a neutral person in favour of safety of the railways & commuters.
Thanking you, WRMA

Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Our Valuable Commuters

Dear friends the Association is thankful to you for having faith in the services rendered to you by motormen, due to this confidence only the motormen work in all type of abnormal conditions day and night. As we are working as a pivot/ shaft to run the railways transport system which is directly related to the passenger’s safety, it is our moral responsibility to give all the information to passengers through your kind goodness to avoid the inconvenience to the commuters as well as to us.
Motormen have a very clean and good record of their dedicated services to the railway and also to the commuters, but few of the administrator and a so called union leader have started a conspiracy to defame the motormen in public and did false propaganda of motormen salary equal to the general manager etc during last few months. The administration is projecting motormen as an in-disciplined employee causing trouble to the commuters to hide own failures.
You and the whole Mumbai public know the efficiency and devotion of motormen towards the duties, who are always giving more than 100% and everybody, know that a momentary failure of motorman may cause disaster, this is the reason that some of the guards are being misutilised by their officer with the support of so called majdoor neta. Today the guards have become the safety hazard in the railway system. The motormen are already over burdened and the misguiding act of guard may cause an accident in suburban, as only the motorman faces the consequences (even removal from service) of the accident hence he gets upset when a guard misguides him by giving proceed bells on red signal or at other places, hence he stops the train to avoid any mishap as his mind is not cool. Unfortunately the railway Administration is trying to keep the motormen’s mouth shut instead of improving the working conditions, while the motormen are giving in writing frequently to the administration (see the Annexure). All the rules endangering safety have come out from the rule books and the rules to ensure safety are being bypassed as only the motormen are suffering and administration get chance to catch the neck of motormen.
This is you to decide the mistake of motormen and please help us to bring out the facts to our valuable commuters, Thanking you. WRMA
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